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Release: Local Impacts of Extending Medicaid in Texas (2013)

Extending Medicaid to Low-Income Adults...What's in it for Your Community?

Texas has an extraordinary opportunity to expand health care coverage that would benefit up to 2 million of its citizens. The federal government would pay about $100 billion toward this expansion over 10 years, with the state responsible for only about $15 billion under a moderate enrollment scenario. 

Extending Medicaid to low-income adults certainly would benefit the newly eligible. It also would benefit the wider economy and reduce demands on local indigent health programs and hospital charity care.

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The amount of state match necessary to extend Medicaid to low-income adults would equal a small fraction of current local government and hospital spending on low-income health care. What's more, covering low-income adults will result in new local revenue because it will generate good-paying jobs and commerce. So local governments will SAVE on health costs at the same time they are GAINING new sales and property taxes without raising tax rates.

At the same time, more people in every area of Texas would have health insurance, doctors and other health workers would be more fairly compensated for treating low-income folks, and the state could stop spending so much on piecemeal programs that only treat some health problems. People with health insurance will live longer and be healthier--and the many low-income adults in Texas who are parents will be able to take better care of their kids, too.

Sound like a good deal for everyone? Find out how YOUR local area would benefit! Click on your legislative district in the table below to download a PDF showing the fiscal impact to the district and the statewide total. (To download the reports, right-click the link and choose "Save Linked File As...")

Impact of Medicaid Extension and Local Spending For Health Care By County

  • This table shows the local tax, health spending, enrollment, and federal funds implications for each county.

Local Tax Implications By Legislative District - Senate

SD-1: Senator Kevin Eltife SD-2: Senator Bob Deuell SD-3: Senator Robert Nichols SD-4: Senator Tommy Williams
SD-5: Senator Charles Schwertner SD-6: Vacant SD-7: Senator Dan Patrick SD-8: Senator Ken Paxton
SD-9: Senator Kelly Hancock SD-10: Senator Wendy Davis SD-11: Senator Larry Taylor SD-12: Senator Jane Nelson
SD-13: Senator Rodney Ellis SD-14: Senator Kirk Watson SD-15: Senator John Whitmire SD-16: Senator John Carona
SD-17: Senator Joan Huffman SD-18: Senator Glenn Hegar SD-19: Senator Carlos Uresti SD-20: Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
SD-21: Senator Judith Zaffirini SD-22: Senator Brian Birdwell SD-23: Senator Royce West SD-24: Senator Troy Fraser
SD-25: Senator Donna Campbell SD-26: Senator Leticia Van De Putte SD-27: Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. SD-28: Senator Robert Duncan
SD-29: Senator Jose Rodriguez SD-30: Senator Craig Estes SD-31: Senator Kel Seliger

Download All Tax Implications By District - Senate (8.4MB)

Local Tax Implications By Legislative District - House Of Representatives

HD-1: Rep. George Lavender HD-2: Rep. Dan Flynn HD-3: Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr. HD-4: Rep. Lance Gooden
HD-5: Rep. Bryan Hughes HD-6: Rep. Matt Schaefer HD-7: Rep. David Simpson HD-8: Rep. Byron Cook
HD-9: Rep. Chris Paddie HD-10: Rep. Jim Pitts HD-11: Rep. Travis Clardy HD-12: Rep. Kyle Kacal
HD-13: Rep. Lois Kolkhorst HD-14: Rep. John Raney HD-15: Rep. Steve Toth HD-16: Rep. Brandon Creighton
HD-17: Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt HD-18: Rep. John Otto HD-19: Rep. James White HD-20: Rep. Marsha Farney
HD-21: Rep. Allan Ritter HD-22: Rep. Joe Deshotel HD-23: Rep. Craig Eiland HD-24: Rep. Greg Bonnen
HD-25: Rep. Dennis Bonnen HD-26: Rep. Rick Miller HD-27: Rep. Ron Reynolds HD-28: Rep. John Zerwas
HD-29: Rep. Ed Thompson HD-30: Rep. Geanie W. Morrison HD-31: Rep. Ryan Guillen HD-32: Rep. Todd Hunter
HD-33: Rep. Scott Turner HD-34: Rep. Abel Herrero HD-35: Rep. Oscar Longoria HD-36: Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr.
HD-37: Rep. René Oliveira HD-38: Rep. Eddie Lucio III HD-39: Rep. Armando Martinez HD-40: Rep. Terry Canales
HD-41: Rep. Bobby Guerra HD-42: Rep. Richard Raymond HD-43: Rep. J.M. Lozano HD-44: Rep. John Kuempel
HD-45: Rep. Jason A. Isaac HD-46: Rep. Dawnna Dukes HD-47: Rep. Paul Workman HD-48: Rep. Donna Howard
HD-49: Rep. Elliott Naishtat HD-50: Rep. Mark Strama HD-51: Rep. Eddie Rodriguez HD-52: Rep. Larry Gonzales
HD-53: Rep. Harvey Hilderbran HD-54: Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock HD-55: Rep. Ralph Sheffield HD-56: Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson
HD-57: Rep. Trent Ashby HD-58: Rep. Rob Orr HD-59: Rep. J.D. Sheffield HD-60: Rep. James L. Keffer
HD-61: Rep. Phil King HD-62: Rep. Larry Phillips HD-63: Rep. Tan Parker HD-64: Rep. Myra Crownover
HD-65: Rep. Ron Simmons HD-66: Rep. Van Taylor HD-67: Rep. Jeff Leach HD-68: Rep. Drew Springer
HD-69: Rep. James Frank HD-70: Rep. Scott Sanford HD-71: Rep. Susan King HD-72: Rep. Drew Darby
HD-73: Rep. Doug Miller HD-74: Rep. Poncho Nevárez HD-75: Rep. Mary Gonzalez HD-76: Rep. Naomi Gonzalez
HD-77: Rep. Marisa Márquez HD-78: Rep. Joe Moody HD-79: Rep. Joe C. Pickett HD-80: Rep. Tracy O. King
HD-81: Rep. Tryon D. Lewis HD-82: Rep. Tom Craddick HD-83: Rep. Charles Perry HD-84: Rep. John Frullo
HD-85: Rep. Phil Stephenson HD-86: Rep. John T. Smithee HD-87: Rep. Walter "Four" Price HD-88: Rep. Ken King
HD-89: Rep. Jodie Laubenberg HD-90: Rep. Lon Burnam HD-91: Rep. Stephanie Klick HD-92: Rep. Jonathan Stickland
HD-93: Rep. Matt Krause HD-94: Rep. Diane Patrick HD-95: Rep. Nicole Collier HD-96: Rep. Bill Zedler
HD-97: Rep. Craig Goldman HD-98: Rep. Giovanni Capriglione HD-99: Rep. Charlie Geren HD-100: Rep. Eric Johnson
HD-101: Rep. Chris Turner HD-102: Rep. Stefani Carter HD-103: Rep. Rafael Anchia HD-104: Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo
HD-105: Rep. Linda Harper-Brown HD-106: Rep. Pat Fallon HD-107: Rep. Kenneth Sheets HD-108: Rep. Dan Branch
HD-109: Rep. Helen Giddings HD-110: Rep. Toni Rose HD-111: Rep. Yvonne Davis HD-112: Rep. Angie Chen Button
HD-113: Rep. Cindy Burkett HD-114: Rep. Jason Villalba HD-115: Rep. Bennett Ratliff HD-116: Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer
HD-117: Rep. Philip Cortez HD-118: Rep. Joe Farias HD-119: Rep. Roland Gutierrez HD-120: Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon
HD-121: Rep. Joe Straus HD-122: Rep. Lyle Larson HD-123: Rep. Mike Villarreal HD-124: Rep. José Menéndez
HD-125: Rep. Justin Rodriguez HD-126: Rep. Patricia Harless HD-127: Rep. Dan Huberty HD-128: Rep. Wayne Smith
HD-129: Rep. John E. Davis HD-130: Rep. Allen Fletcher HD-131: Rep. Alma A. Allen HD-132: Rep. Bill Callegari
HD-133: Rep. Jim Murphy HD-134: Rep. Sarah Davis HD-135: Rep. Gary Elkins HD-136: Rep. Tony Dale
HD-137: Rep. Gene Wu HD-138: Rep. Dwayne Bohac HD-139: Rep. Sylvester Turner HD-140: Rep. Armando Walle
HD-141: Rep. Senfronia Thompson HD-142: Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. HD-143: Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna HD-144: Rep. Mary Ann Perez
HD-145: Rep. Carol Alvarado HD-146: Rep. Borris Miles HD-147: Rep. Garnet Coleman HD-148: Rep. Jessica Farrar
HD-149: Rep. Hubert Vo HD-150: Rep. Debbie Riddle

Download All Tax Implications By District - House (39.6MB)