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Texas Impact Board of Directors

Texas Impact’s board of directors includes up to two representatives from each member organization as well as several at-large and special members. The board sets Texas Impact's legislative agenda, approves policy positions, and maintains contact between Texas Impact and the member organizations. Board members may be ordained or lay people, and come from religious communities throughout Texas. The board meets three times a year.

Executive Committee

April is Minority Cancer Awareness Month in Texas!

According to the American Cancer Society, minority populations suffer the highest cancer death rate and the shortest survival time throughout the country.

So, how can your faith community fight minority cancer? You can help by downloading or ordering Faith and Wellness bulletin inserts and including information in your congregation's newsletter.

The Constitutional provision against "establishing" a state religion is so ingrained in our common experience that many Americans never stop to wonder how we got here. As part of the Interfaith Center's ongoing analysis of religious liberty and state public policy in Texas, we took a look at the roots of disestablishment in the early years of the United States.

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